Existing stadium Diego Sideburns FlickrAs well as tackling existing housing stock, it’s clear we need to ensure that new developments set a low carbon example. And if the big carbon savings from having a district energy scheme are to be realised, then it is vital that big developments are designed with this in mind. The previous 2011 Spurs development envisaged having a single energy centre, that would supply the adjacent primary school and which could then be connected up to a wider network.

So it was a matter of concern that the revised plan submitted in September 2015 did not include a single energy centre, but seemed to propose four separate systems. It also proposed a contribution of 0.3% energy from on-site renewables against a policy target of 20%. So we invited Spurs to a meeting which took place on 12 November. By this time they had revised their energy proposals, and this meant the consultation period has been extended to about the end of December. We encourage people to look at the plans, including the Energy Clarification note, at www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=284412; and then submit responses.

Image: Existing stadium by Diego Sideburns on Flickr.com