Present: Ify and Mohammed (Global Group), Joyce Rosser (Sus Haringey), Chris Barker (Sus Haringey, CBT), Pamela Harling (Sus Haringey & MHSG), Quentin Given (FoE), Joe Baker (LBH), Alan Morton (MHSG), Duncan Kramer (START).
Apologies: Norman Beddington, Bob Hare, Jill Boswell, Jenny Bourne-Taylor, Robyn Thomas

1. Global Group LED project.
Mohammed described the group, set up a couple of years ago, running activities to engage people in Northumberland Park area. The project that received 4020 grant funding aimed to engage 300 households and install 2 LED bulbs at each, mainly replacing halogen ceiling bulbs. They had succeeded. The activity included a survey, short talk about LEDs and energy efficiency. The survey showed:
• 62% unfamiliar with LEDs, 25% partly, 13% familiar. Only 15% actually using LED.
• Most people unaware that halogen bulbs will be unavailable from 1 Sep 2018.
• 106 households said lights on >8 hrs a day, 76 7-8 hrs, 34 5-6 hrs.
• Most people welcomed the team but 28% did not – some of which took the bulbs but without further engagement. 41 households simply refused. But the bulbs were then taken to other houses.
• LED bulb will save 160Kg CO2 pa if in use 10 hrs a day. So 600 bulbs potentially save 600 x 160Kg = 96,000Kg or 9.6 tonnes CO2 pa. Converters available which enable bulbs to fit screw socket.
Engagement might be helped by pre-publicity outside schools etc. Other possible actions – Hive or Google Nest apps which allow remote thermostat control, could save £100s pa but cost around £180 + £70 installation so would take a while to recoup outlay.
2. Zero 50 launch. Had been well attended and well received. Audience included Shirley Rodriguez of GLA. Council response report being signed off but likely to accept 2/3 recommendations outright, a further number in part, and only not accepted. Report – and annual Carbon Report – on agenda for Full Council 4 December.
Agreed to have meeting on this early January. Quentin to invite Cllr Natan Doron for 8, 9 or 10 Jan.

3. Muswell Hill Sustainability Group – discussing which thermal cameras to purchase with the 4020 grant.

4. Mayor’s draft Environment Strategy.
• We received draft comments from Quentin, Norman, Sydney Charles for MHSG and Joyce.
• Additional comments made in discussion
• Quentin to collate the drafts and comments and circulate for further additions and comments.

5. LED street lighting. The issue has been raised by 10:10. Quentin asked Joe on progress. Joe thinks about 20% of lights have been switched to LED. Many light fittings are unsuitable for LEDs to whole fitting needs to be changed at significant cost. Ideally would be able to borrow money to carry out and pay back from savings.

6. Next meeting – as above – early January, date tbc, on the Zero 50 report and council’s reaction.