Transition Finsbury Park


We aim to find ways of living based on localised food production, sustainable energy sources, lively local economies and an enlivened sense of community.

“We have a wealth of different projects which many local people are engaged with…”


Grow Finsbury Park


  • Focused on increasing the amount of edible planting in the area on public land
  • Already has several different spaces across the area including at Harringay Green Lanes Station
  • Runs a community plant nursery called Edible Landscapes London

Skill Finsbury Park


  • Helps toward a shift in attitudes from a culture that values shiny machine-made plastic products from distant manufacturers, towards hand-made, organic produce made by local people.
  • Holds regular classes on skills and crafts
  • Hosts groups on food foraging, knitting and toolshare
  • Encourages green travel and manage a cycling project

Inner Transition


  • Focuses on how we can concentrate the mind, body and heart behind the action.
  • Includes yoga classes, meditation and visualisation, and sharing thoughts and feelings to make positive change.


  • Creating more green spaces and locally produced food provides a greener environment and less CO2 emissions on food transport
  • Encouraging reuse of materials reduces waste consumption
  • Increase in local business encourages local support and community engagement, and reduced transport costs
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle improves physical and mental health
  • Drives environmental change through positive attitudes and engagement.

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Web: Transition Finsbury Park website (external link)