HCF 4020 meeting 25 January 2017
Attendance: Joe Baker, Norman Beddington, Jonathan Boswell, Cllr Natan Doron, Quentin Given, Pamela Harding, Bob Lindsay-Smith, Joyce Rosser, Nick Smith (Housing Strategy),
Apologies: Alan Morton, Sona Mahtani, Cara Jenkinson, Martin Laheen.
1. Housing Strategy. Nick Smith explained the areas of most relevance to climate and energy. There are many agreed commitments, but many of them do not yet have action plans and assigned agents and resources.
• Domestic emissions account for about 50% of total from Haringey
• About 12% homes in fuel poverty, average energy bill over £1,000pa
• Focus on retrofit of existing homes, and energy networks
• Need for innovation
• The new Haringey standard is better than Decent Homes, covers more issues, but replies on just-in-time approach rather than blanket implementation whether homes needed it or not. Works will include new gas CH with condensing boilers; double glazing; cavity wall insulation; loft insulation >=300mm; insulating tanks and pipes. Solid wall insulation mainly not possible due to cost.
• Private Sector Strategy focuses on private rented sector, usually the worst. Mandatory and additional HMO licensing will be key tools.
• Appendices C&D contain useful info about affordability.

2. Zero 50 report.
Cllr Natan Doron explained the process and make-up of the Commission. It was meant to challenge the council, but the Council wants to be challenged.
Seven priorities (in the draft at least):
i. Health & well-being as goal
ii. Adaptation – we aren’t going to stop warming soon
iii. Cutting emissions to zero before 2050
iv. Cutting waste to landfill (recycling 50% by 2020)
v. Zero carbon new buildings
vi. Transport needs to be tackled too, responsible for 20% emissions.
vii. I missed the last one!
There will be case studies exemplifying short, medium and long-term examples of each priority (including looking at embodies carbon).
The plan is to take it to Cabinet in March, and have launch event with Sadiq Khan.
There has already been a change to planning reports, with a required section on climate impacts. Planners and others will need new skills to implement zero-carbon buildings etc.
3. New energy company
The Council has just agreed to set up a energy company to provide and sell heat and electricity to the 3 developments High Road West, Spurs, Northumberland Park. This will cover 5,500 homes. Commitment to eventually make it a shared-ownership company with community buy-in.

4. Grant projects
• Sun Dials, the Selby centre PV project, has run 2 of its 3 workshops with ca 20 participants so far, and one more to go, with good skills and career development spin-offs.
• Info received from Estates Elite Recycling after the meeting:

5. Other updates
• GLA has received £13m from govt for Go Ultra Low Cities Scheme, of which Haringey has secured £550k for rapid chargers, residential chargers and car-club electrification scheme in Wood Green.

6. Next meeting
• Probably late March
• To include current state of waste and recycling