The 40:20 HCF community grants programme 2016-17 is now live.


We welcome bids up to £3,000 to a grants fund totalling £9,500. The deciding panel will allocate the available grant in the best way possible. The closing date is 9am on Monday 12 September. We will hope to make decisions within a week.

The bids must to be for projects that will reduce carbon, in eg transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy, reuse and recycling, local food growing. They should demonstrate additionality – ie not paying for something that’s happening anyway.

Bids should include costings, timetable, estimated benefits carbon-wise and how they will be monitored; and if appropriate, how the project will be maintained in future.

Spend has to be by end March (at least, an invoice provided for materials etc) with an option for part-payment earlier if needed to buy materials etc.

Successful bids will be required to notify of any key dates (when works are taking place eg), provide photos and brief reports.

We will seek to publicise successful projects. We will encourage bidding organisations to join 4020 Haringey Climate Forum.

If you are interested please e-mail for an application form, or use the form below then copy and paste into an e-mail.


Application form


Name of organisation


Contact name


Postal address


Phone number(s)


E-mail address


Name of bank account


Description of your project (up to 200 words)


Where will it take place?


Is it an extension of an existing activity, or something completely new?


How much are you asking for? £
When do you expect to spend the money?  
Costings (ie what will the money be spent on?) (provide separate sheet if necessary)


Timetable (start and end dates and any key dates)


Estimated benefits in carbon reduction


How will the scheme – and any carbon benefits – be monitored? (up to 100 words)  
Other benefits the project would deliver? (jobs, skills, air quality, wildlife habitat)  
What will happen once the funding is completed – how will the project continue? (up to 100 words)  
Tick to confirm that the project and participants can be used in publicity by the 40:20 Haringey Climate Forum.  






Please send completed form to and to