Haringey 40:20 Steering Group Meeting

The group had its annual review meeting on 20 June – here are the minutes of the meeting.

Date:               Monday 20th June 2016

Time:               19:00

Venue:            Room 3, Civic Centre, Haringey Council

 Attendees: Quentin Given (organiser), Joe Baker (notes), Cara Jenkinson, Chris Barker, Alan Morton, Joyce Rosser, Pamela Harling, Cllr Bob Hare, Leyla Laksari, Martin Laheen and Jill Boswell.

Agenda, Notes and Actions

  • Introductions

A round table discussion and introduction.

Who are the leads Councillors in the environmental areas? Should we invite the Environment Portfolio holders?

Action: JB to get a list of cabinet leads and clarify their areas of environmental responsibility.

Cllr Joe Goldberg (Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability) including Sustainability and Carbon reduction and Growth Strategy delivery

 Cllr Peray Ahmet (Cabinet Member for Environment) including Recycling, waste and street cleaning, Highways, Parking,  Parks and open spaces, Leisure and leisure centres, Licensing (environmental and HMO) and Enforcement (environmental and planning)

 Cllr Nat Doron – Regulatory Committee Chair Person (Planning)

Cllr Alan Strickland (Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning) including Planning applications and development management, Housing strategy and delivery, Planning policy, Regeneration in Tottenham and Partnerships with Homes for Haringey and social landlords.

 Action:  JB to send round a structural chart of the Carbon Management Team (attached).

 Report of works 2015-2016

The activity this last year has consisted of a series of public meetings focused on key decision makers; a community grants programme; and re-setting the website to make it independent of the Council’s server.

The public meetings

  • A meeting on the Council’s Housing Strategy, focused on energy efficiency and renewable, on 17 Sept – and circulated the report
  • A meeting with Spurs about their planning application, in November
  • A well-attended and vibrant meeting on air pollution and climate change in March

Grants programme

We awarded a total of £3,969.50 to two projects. This was an underspend probably because the timescale was short. If we launch a new programme now we can do better this year.

  1. The Edible Landscapes Project was awarded a grant of £1069.50 to test the soil in their garden to assess suitability for growing food crops. See report ediblelandscapeslondon.org.uk/EdibleLandscapesLeavesII

The results showed some elevated levels of lead and other metals. As a result the project is looking into importing clean soil for growing in raised beds.

  1. The JAN Trust was awarded a grant of £2900 for delivering energy efficiency workshops with BAME women. A detailed report is attached.

The website

http://haringey4020.org.uk/ is up and running and needs more content. Thanks to Katie Walsh in particular for a long haul in getting this transferred and being patient about payment.


We have spent about £5,500 in 2015-16. We would have spent more but the delays in getting the website up and running also delayed launching the grants programme.

Action: Quentin to continue convening these meetings.

There was a discussion about the Forums structure and roles within it. Could there be more of an input from people who attend the meeting?  Agreed that responsibilities would be shared around.

Action:  For the Group to see if there are wider people who may be interested in joining the Forum and to integrate “fresh blood”.

We discussed how we could widen the membership of the Forum. But we recognised that many people will have an interest in one topic but not in getting involved continually.

Action: We will try to target invitations and publicity on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Need for wider advertising in the local web pages.   This needs to clarify the forum’s role, what each meeting will focus on and what a difference people can make. Need to celebrate the positives that are already going on the borough via the web site.

Meetings are working well on the topics basis. Agreed to carry on this approach.

  • Grant Scheme 2016 -2017

Re-launch this summer and to get more interest.   Aiming to give out £9,500 through grants this year.

Action: BH and LL to review the advertising of the grants and look at publicity routes.

Action:  That future bids are more focused on carbon / community outputs in the borough, with measureable outputs.

Bridge Renewal Trust now has the community lead on community building.  They run a borough wide newsletter.  There is space for carbon stories in the newsletter.

  • Work Plan 2016-2017

September meeting –    NLWA – The new Edmonton Facility

And the borough waste strategy (Mayors position?)

Autumn  meeting –          Retrofitting Smart Home & Housing Strategy Update.

Action:  JB to invite the Haringey Climate Forum to the Smart Homes Analysis launch.

Action:  JB to check if the community groups have been involved in the analysis.

  • Next Meeting:

Date – TBC via Doodle

  • AOB
  • SUDs on Priory Road

There is a site visit and discussion on the Rainwater Garden at Priory Road on Monday 27th June at 10:30am–12:30pm.  Please see Thames 21 for more information.

  • Meeting with the Shadow Minster for Climate Change

Haringey’s Labour Group have a meeting with the Shadow Climate Change Minster will be hosted in June at Westminster.

  • Sainsbury’s Car Park and electric vehicle recharging points.

These are advertised through the following web sites – https://www.zap-map.com/

  • Zero 2050 Commission

This work is progressing to review and advise on how to improve the sustainability of regeneration in the borough.  A panel of experts including landscape designers, energy leaders, transport planners, and local people have come together to look at the opportunities and challenges in the borough.   Following the discussion in November 2015, Quentin Given is the representative from the 40:20 Group.   A report will be published in the summer on the panel’s recommendations.

  • Tottenham Hale Wharf.

This application is now in and open for comments. Reference is HGY/2016/1719 details can be found via the web site – http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet