Haringey Climate Forum meeting Jan 2017 notes

HCF 4020 meeting 25 January 2017
Attendance: Joe Baker, Norman Beddington, Jonathan Boswell, Cllr Natan Doron, Quentin Given, Pamela Harding, Bob Lindsay-Smith, Joyce Rosser, Nick Smith (Housing Strategy),
Apologies: Alan Morton, Sona Mahtani, Cara Jenkinson, Martin Laheen.
1. Housing Strategy. Nick Smith explained the areas of most relevance to climate and energy. There are many agreed commitments, but […]

Haringey’s latest carbon report

Haringey’s sixth annual carbon report has now been published and is on-line here.


A revised version with page numbering will be available soon.

It has some goods news – emissions from Haringey have dropped some 26% since 2005, and emissions per capita have fallen even more, by some 37%. This is largely due to changes in electricity […]

Home energy efficiency and renewables update

 At our meeting on 2 November we heard the outcome and conclusions of the Smart Homes project and other updates on home energy efficiency and the new Zero Carbon Offset levy.

  • Smart Homes – Presentation by Sadhbh Ni Hogain

The project broadly met its targets and exceeded some – especially for blocks of flats (one of […]

2016-17 Haringey Climate Forum grants announced

The Forum has awarded grants for 2016-17 to three local bidders:

  1. The Selby Centre for a project to engage people in making their own solar chargers and through that raising awareness and action on home energy use.
  2. Estates Elite Recycling for a project targeting recycling levels, especially of food waste, and again raising awareness of […]

Meeting on home energy 2 November

The next Forum meeting will be on home energy use – Wednesday 2 November 6.30pm in Haringey Civic Centre.

Energy use in our homes is responsible for over 50% of CO2 emissions in Haringey . This meeting will look at:

  • What we’ve learned from the Smart Homes Project
  • Zero Carbon Development as a potential source of […]

Haringey Climate Forum annual meeting 20 June

Haringey 40:20 Steering Group Meeting

The group had its annual review meeting on 20 June – here are the minutes of the meeting.

Date:               Monday 20th June 2016

Time:               19:00

Venue:            Room 3, Civic Centre, Haringey Council

 Attendees: Quentin Given (organiser), Joe Baker (notes), Cara Jenkinson, Chris Barker, Alan Morton, Joyce Rosser, Pamela Harling, Cllr […]

Haringey Climate Forum community grants 2016

The 40:20 HCF community grants programme 2016-17 is now live.


We welcome bids up to £3,000 to a grants fund totalling £9,500. The deciding panel will allocate the available grant in the best way possible. The closing date is 9am on Monday 12 September. We will hope to make decisions within a week.

The bids must to […]

Haringey – Air Pollution and Climate Change

London Rooftops by DncnH Flickr







Air pollution and its health impacts have been much in the news, with the government being taken to court – again – for failing to meet European standards. But we know that many of the sources of air pollution, that […]

Spurs Development


Existing stadium Diego Sideburns FlickrAs well as tackling existing housing stock, it’s clear we need to ensure that new developments set a low carbon example. And if the big carbon savings from having a district energy scheme are to be realised, then it is vital that […]