Will Haringey’s corporate plan be fit for the climate?

The next Haringey 40:20 Climate Forum will be on Wednesday 13 September at the Civic Centre, 7-9pm.

The main topic will be the new Corporate Plan which will guide the Council from 2018-19 onwards and set priorities for spending and policy.

The discussion will be introduced by Rebecca Hatch from the Corporate Plan team.

Please try to come […]

HCF meeting 14 June – Decentralised Energy Networks

Wednesday 14 June Haringey Civic Centre 6.30pm-8.30pm.

The Council is setting up a wholly-owned energy company to develop CHP plants providing heat and power to new developments in Tottenham and Wood Green.

How will they cut carbon? How will they benefit local people and save money?

Come, ask questions and find out

40:20 Haringey Climate Forum 2017-18 community grant programme

We are pleased to launch this year’s grants programme. We have a total of £10,000, and we would welcome bids from around £500 up to £3,000 – if your project can only happen with more than that, let us know and we will look at what is possible. The deciding panel will allocate the available […]

Minutes of Haringey Climate Forum meeting 4 April 2017

Haringey Climate Forum 4020

Present: Joyce Rosser, Chris Barker, Aisling Buckley, Jeremy Cassidy, Caroline Simpson, Robert Thairu, Jill Boswell, Quentin Given, Cllr Bob Hare, Debbie Campbell, Ayer Ozinel
1. Apologies – Alan Morton, Pam Harling, Joe Baker
2. Matters arising from minutes – we have heard no more re the Zero 50 report. Quentin to check with Joe Baker and […]

Haringey Climate Forum on waste and recycling 4 April

Waste is an important source of global warming gases carbon dioxide and methane. So reducing our waste is an important part of climate change mitigation.
In recent years recycling rates have stalled. This meeting will look at what the issues are and what we can all do to increase our recycling rate and reduce residual waste.
The […]

Haringey Climate Forum meeting Jan 2017 notes

HCF 4020 meeting 25 January 2017
Attendance: Joe Baker, Norman Beddington, Jonathan Boswell, Cllr Natan Doron, Quentin Given, Pamela Harding, Bob Lindsay-Smith, Joyce Rosser, Nick Smith (Housing Strategy),
Apologies: Alan Morton, Sona Mahtani, Cara Jenkinson, Martin Laheen.
1. Housing Strategy. Nick Smith explained the areas of most relevance to climate and energy. There are many agreed commitments, but […]

Haringey’s latest carbon report

Haringey’s sixth annual carbon report has now been published and is on-line here.


A revised version with page numbering will be available soon.

It has some goods news – emissions from Haringey have dropped some 26% since 2005, and emissions per capita have fallen even more, by some 37%. This is largely due to changes in electricity […]

Home energy efficiency and renewables update

 At our meeting on 2 November we heard the outcome and conclusions of the Smart Homes project and other updates on home energy efficiency and the new Zero Carbon Offset levy.

  • Smart Homes – Presentation by Sadhbh Ni Hogain

The project broadly met its targets and exceeded some – especially for blocks of flats (one of […]

2016-17 Haringey Climate Forum grants announced

The Forum has awarded grants for 2016-17 to three local bidders:

  1. The Selby Centre for a project to engage people in making their own solar chargers and through that raising awareness and action on home energy use.
  2. Estates Elite Recycling for a project targeting recycling levels, especially of food waste, and again raising awareness of […]

Meeting on home energy 2 November

The next Forum meeting will be on home energy use – Wednesday 2 November 6.30pm in Haringey Civic Centre.

Energy use in our homes is responsible for over 50% of CO2 emissions in Haringey . This meeting will look at:

  • What we’ve learned from the Smart Homes Project
  • Zero Carbon Development as a potential source of […]