Next meeting – Haringey’s Zero Carbon Plan

The cabinet is due to agree the Council’s plan on 10 March. Some of this will then be definitive, some parts will be out for further consultation.

We will hold a meeting on Weds 18 March at 7pm, at the Civic Centre, to go through the plan, step by […]

Haringey Climate Forum notes 5 Feb 2020

  1. Zero-carbon plan.

Joe Baker reported that the Zero Carbon plan would be published on 4 March for agreement at cabinet meeting 11 march, covering the Council’s own operations (target net zero carbon by 2025), housing, business, transport, electricity generation, public engagement. Some of […]

Haringey Climate Forum meeting 5 Feb – housing and carbon emissions

The Zero Carbon Plan for Haringey is due to be published on 4 March for consideration at the Cabinet meeting on 11 March.

Haringey Climate Forum will meet at 7pm on Wednesday 5 February at which Haringey officers will come to present and discuss some housing aspects: