The 40:20 Haringey Climate Forum is pleased to say we have awarded the following community grants for 2018-19. We look forward to publicising the outcomes.

Wolves Lane

This a food growing site, currently run by a series of small community enterprises (including Crop Drop). There is a Palm House and cafe which we want to bring into  community use.  There is no fixed heating on site and no insulation, as many of the buildings are glass houses. We would like to double-glaze the cafe to make it useable for the site users and public in the winter. 

Global Group

This project will provide free low energy light bulbs to 225 houses (2 bulbs per house) in Northumberland ward and through this to raise awareness. This will reduce the CO2 emissions and save households money. As the initial cost of LED bulbs is higher, Global Group is giving free energy saving bulbs to boost confidence in people.


Volunteer ambassadors will cycle each day in Haringey offering advice and tips to other cyclists and families at the school gates. We will focus on families with young children. Parents with young children are most receptive to making sustainable, lasting changes to their behaviour.

Ambassadors will wear high visibility tabards and share tips and advice with local families and the community i.e. cycling/walking safety, planning, cycling awareness, environment, increasing confidence, health and resilience.

Families and the local community will have access to WheelyTots rapidly growing kit library of balance bikes, cargo bikes and adult bikes and accessories. Families will pledge to travel by bike or walk instead of using cars/public transport for short journeys.

Chestnuts Park

Friends of Chestnuts Park is committed to reducing air pollution and encouraging local residents to walk or cycle for short journeys. Chestnuts School is opposite the Park, but lacks a convenient entrance linking the two. We have identified a walking route that could be established through the park to encourage more parents, children and teachers to walk or cycle to school. We will install a pedestrian opening in the park fence opposite the school beside the pelican crossing, enabling people to reach the school on a safe green route avoiding busy junctions.

The Friends of Chestnuts Park would also install a short path joining the gate to the perimeter park path, and organise a planting session of bee friendly plants and herbs with the school children.