Notes from meeting 25 October.
Attendance: Cllr Kirsten Hearn; Joe Baker, Zahrah Ali; Anne Gilpin, Stephen Cook and Stephanie from Arups; Jill Boswell, Norman Beddington, Jenny Bourne-Taylor, Helen Mayer, Tim Root, Chris Lazou, Joyce Rosser, Pam Harling, Dermot Barnes, Quentin Given, Chris Browne, Christof King, Stanley Knill, MLA Nicky Gavron, Millie, Patrick Maher
1. Forthcoming consultations.
• Ultra Low Emission vehicles strategy, from end November for about 2 months
• Cycling & walking action plan – Spring 2019
• Air quality action plan – later in 2019?
• Borough Plan – public from 16 October, consulting to 11 December

2. Zero 50 plan
• Joe Baker ( set it in context of the council’s commitment to 4020 and now zero carbon. Arups had been engaged to develop the plan, but not to implement it. That would be for the council and partners and community. Plan should be at final draft by early 2019.
• Stephen Cook ( then explained the latest report – which prioritises domestic heating as that is the biggest single source of emissions, with secondary prioities around reducing motor traffic, electric vehicles, and promoting renewable.
• Discussion included:
• Encouraging landlords via stick and carrot, and possible council tax incentives or splitting tennats bills so they have an incentive;
• Designing new homes for hotter climate, so reducing future need for air con;
• Need for planners to be tougher about zero carbon standard and raise the price of carbon. There are examples of zero-carbon homes including taller blocks.
• We agreed that it would be useful to have detailed workshops on buildings and renewable in January; and Cllr Hearn will put it on agenda of Transport Forum.

3. Council commitments.
Councillor Hearn said she is personally very committed, sees climate change as a social justice issue. She will urge the Planning team and committee to be stronger about zero carbon. She outlined twelve areas of action coming up:
i) The Carbon Report and Zero 50
ii) Ultra Low Emission Vehicles
iii) Affordable Warmth strategy (coming out in 2019)
iv) Setting up a municipal energy company – working with the GLA on this.
v) Buying green energy for the Council – Joe Baker is looking at this.
vi) The community grants programme
vii) Cycling and walking (and particularly trying to end pavement parking)
viii) Waste & recycling inc flytipping
ix) Plastic-free – she is asking senior officers to look at this, and including schools
x) water troughs to reduce bottled water;
xi) Air quality action plan inc applying to mayor’s £6m fund and tackling worst 3 schools;
xii) Glyphosates – asking council officers to look at alternatives

4. Zero Carbon Levy. So far £137,000 has been paid in, and £1.1m committed – provided the developments go ahead. The fund will be used for carbon reduction, details tbc.

5. Community Grants. The £10,000 has been confirmed, and we will advertise it asap.

6. Next meetings will include workshops on the Zero 50 plan, and looking at the consultations.