Haringey Climate Forum – community grants 2018-19 report

For the last four years the Forum has allocated grants to community projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions in the borough. This year the Forum funded four projects:

Wolves Lane project to improve insulation in the community café area;

Global Group to install 450 LED light-bulbs in homes in Northumberland Park and raise awareness of climate change and the benefits of LEDs;

Haringey Wheel Tots project to encourage the take-up of cycling by families with children and school children;

Friends of Chestnuts Park to create a new access between the park and St Ann’s Primary School to encourage pupils and parents to walk or cycle.

These four projects have been carried out, with the exception of some follow-up work by the Wheely Tots project which is ongoing.


  1. Wolves Lane

received £1,500 to provide double glazing in the cafe on site.

Wolves Lane was previously the plant nursery for the Council and is now leased by Organiclea as a community food growing hub.  Most of the buildings are glasshouses and the gas heating system has not worked for two winters now. This makes the cafe area very cold when the outside temperature is low and any heating used is not effective.

The idea was to fit secondary glazing using pre-cut acrylic sheeting to the metal frame of the cafe area. In the end we used a method of slotting the sheets into insulation tubes used for pipes.

We have talked to people coming to the regular community fairs, asking them about their energy use and how they are trying to reduce it. This will continue through the year. We have printed off some advice sheets from the Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol to hand out to those interested in carrying out some insulation work themselves, eg. loft insulation, secondary glazing and draught exclusion. We intend to produce a résumé of the results of the surveys, which may be of use to the Council’s retrofit plans.

  • Global Group.

 Global Group has very strong roots in the local community and has been working very closely in Northumberland ward. In the past, Global group has organized various activities for the local community such as family trips to parks and sea sides, social walks for adults and disabled community, Capoeira training session, and arranging Tennis coaching sessions for the families. 

The group was awarded £4,500 for this project. The group visited homes in Northumberland Park and installed 450 LED bulbs in 250 homes. They estimate this could save up to 72 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. They also surveyed residents on their attitudes to climate change and energy use. It was found during the survey project that majority of the residents were not fully aware of impact on CO2 emission on the environment and how it is harming the environment. However, this trend was not the same for the millennials as most of the young residents had very good understanding of the CO2 emission and how it is harming the planet.

It was found that most of the residents were aware of LED term but had little or no knowledge of how LED could reduce the energy bills and CO2 footprint. 58% (130 household) of the 450 bulbs were fitted by the project team, 42% of the residents took the bulbs bulb and refused the offer of help to fit the bulb due to their privacy. 17 residents refused to accept the bulbs as they said they do not want the bulbs even though they are free. As compared to last survey less no of household (reduced from 72% to 58% ) allowed the group to fit the bulbs and most common reason for not allowing to do that was privacy concern.

When asked if residents would be interested if Haringey council supports its residents in providing an effective & cheap LED solution for their household at a competitive rate than the market, 89% shown interest and 82% selected ‘Very Interested’ or ‘Extremely Interested’

Based on the generic interest, Global Group strongly believe that scope of study should be expanded and this project should be replicated in other parts of the Haringey. With given evidence, it can be concluded that further 400 – 500 houses could be targeted to raise the awareness in the local community. Local business could be involved to set up focus group session and engage the community to raise the CO2 emission. Large local businesses should be asked for funding and be part for this campaign and contribute more as part of giving back something valuable to the community. A suggestion is that Haringey Climate Forum could be involved to engage those businesses.   

  • Haringey Wheely Tots: Family Cycling Ambassadors  Project update, August 2019

The group was given £3,000 to carry out the project.

  1. Recruiting and training ambassadors. They recruited eight cycling ambassadors who took the two-day Cytech’s Home Mechanic course and the four-day National Cycle Instructor Training (Level 1) in July. They range from a lunchtime worker in a school, an early years practitioner, a yoga teacher, and a parent with a young family, all plugged into their own local networks’ united by their passion for safe cycling.  These courses enable our ambassadors to network with other local bike enthusiasts, share cycling and bike maintenance tips with confidence and, if they desire, it could lead to employment opportunities. 

They connected with three schools and children’s centres to work with more extensively on the project. Because the ambassador recruitment and training took longer than anticipated they focused on community engagement over the summer and will finish working with schools and families during the autumn term.

  • Public engagement. Ambassadors have attended the following community events with Wheely Tots, sharing advice and encouraging members of the public to cycle: – YouthFest @ Lordship Rec, 27th July – Sessions @ Haringey Play Associations for girls aged 6 – 14, 6th Aug & 13th Aug  – Pop up play event @ Broadwater Farm, 29th Aug – Sessions for Women & Girls at Broadwater Farm Community Centre, 26th Aug, 2nd Sept, 9th Sept

The group will follow up with ambassadors to check in with how they have shared their new knowledge and skills.

  • Work with local schools to reach families. The group secured three partners and delivered the following activity:
  • Risely Avenue Primary referred ambassadors to the group. Ambassadors attended a parents’ coffee morning and have programmed four cycling sessions for mums as part of Women and Girls Project, Sept 2019
  • Woodside Children’s Centre. The group met senior staff and outreach workers and attended a summer holiday event. A balance bike session is being arranged.
  • Rowland’s Hill Children’s Centre – – a balance bike session is being arranged.

At the end of each of these activities, parents will be asked for pledges on future cycling. The group will follow up and report on the success of this. They will also complete a short report and simple theory of change.  

Ambassador testimonials

 “I understand more about mechanical side and will use this when I come across a problem. Also, I gained quality resources to help me deal with issues. Lastly, I feel more knowledgeable, excited and positive to encourage people to cycle.”

 “Learning about mechanics was not only about “fixing” the bike but more importantly about understanding its system. I can now help others easily check their bikes to let them have better and safer experiences with cycling.” 

 “I’m bursting at the seams to share my new understanding with people, to help them feel safe, confident and eager to cycle around.”

 “I feel safe and savvy to have a voice for cycling.”

  • Chestnuts Park

The Friends group, working with St Ann’s School, had realised that the current pedestrian route for pupils and parents coming to the school from the East meant either a detour or an uncontrolled crossing at the junction of St Ann’s Road and Blackboy Lane. The project was to provide a gate in the park fence and associated paths so that people can cross Blackboy Lane at the controlled crossing and thereby encourage more cycling and walking to the school. The group was given £1,000, which was supplemented by grants from the Ward Budget and Parks Department small grants scheme.

The new gate was “launched” on 8 July. The subsequent path provision will be installed once it is clear what “desire lines” users display.